3D Filaments

Shop Online of 3D filaments of 3Dfilum, for 3D printing.
3Dfilum is the ecommerce site where you can buy 3D filaments to print 3D objects for both professional and amateur use.
3Dfilum sells different types of 3D filaments produced according to the highest quality standards.
To find the most suitable 3D filament for your 3D printer or more suitable for the type of 3D printing you need to make, we recommend following the instructions below.

3D filaments: PLA

3Dfilum offers the PLAtech 3D filament, studied in the laboratory and produced to have exceptional aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. The 3Dfilum PLAtech has an excellent seal and fusion between the layers, a low shrinkage and deformation.
During 3D printing the 3D filament stretches evenly and does not form burrs. 3Dfilum’s PLAtech filament is an excellent, easy-to-use printing material. It is renewable and biodegradable (PLA – polylactid resin).

In addition to PLAtech, the 3Dfilum online shop for the sale of 3D filaments has the 3D filament in PLA Quantum.
3Dfilum’s Quantum PLA is as easy to print as PLA but it is a material with superior mechanical characteristics. The temperature and solvent resistance of PLA Quantum is exceptional.
PLA Quantum combines technical features and affordable price in a very interesting 3D filament.

The PLA Power 3D filament is the 3Dfilum filament studied in the laboratory and produced to have exceptional aesthetic and mechanical characteristics.
PLA Power can be compared, as hards, to regular ABS. However, it maintains the functionality and printability of the normal 3D PLA filament.

PLA Wood is a 3D filum of 3Dfilum pla with wood fibers.
Our wood fiber PLA does not require the heated 3D printer plate, although it is recommended to set it to 50 ° C.
The PLA Wood 3Dfilum sticks very well with the glass printing plate prepared with vinyl glue. Furthermore, it is designed to have a low shrinkage and a detailed capacity, thanks to the fine mixture of fir wood powder and PLATech.

3D filaments: ABS

3Dfilum offers ABS Power in its online shop for 3D filaments. This is the 3D ABS filament studied in the laboratory and produced to have exceptional characteristics.
It has great aesthetic and mechanical qualities, resistance to heat and acids. ABS Power can be compared to nylon.

3D filaments: PETG

The 3D PETG filament, composed of polyethylene terephthalate or polyethylene terephthalate, is part of the family of polyesters, and it is a thermoplastic resin suitable for food contact.
3Dfilum’s 3D filament is made of amorphous, i.e. transparent material.

3D filaments: TPU

The 3Dfilum TPU filament is made with a specially formulated material, i.e. thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
Our 3D TPU filament allows excellent fusion and adhesion of the layers, with a very low shrinkage.
The result of 3D printing is: it is flexible, but does not lose the initial form of printing.

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