3D filament – 1.75mm HIPS – Red – 900g net

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HIPS 3Dfilum filament coil for 3D printing.

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HIPS 3Dfilum Blue.

HIPS is a ‘light’ thermoplastic material composed of Polystyrene and Stirene-Butadiene rubber; it is mainly used in the food industry in the form of packaging because it makes it ideal for uses where hygienic is a critical factor; our hips in the natural form is certified for food use; In addition, the rubber present at the molecular level increases the plastic characteristics of the compound by classifying it as anti-bump; It is also known for low electrical and thermal inertia and is used as an insulating in the appliance industry; it is also used in the production of prototypes in the modeling sector for impact resistance, lightness and possibility of finishing surfaces; these are easy to refine and eliminate the layers effect typical of many other materials used in 3D printing. The HIPS is used for the construction of supports in pieces to be printed and which can then be dissolved with lemon after the object is made; THE HIPS It prints more easily and is cheaper than the PVA, another material used for the realization of print media in complex structures.

Compatible with the following Printers: Zortrax, Flashforge, Makerbot, Sharebot, Mini & Maxi Createbot, Wasp, Prusa, Hephestone, Mingda, Ewe Industries, 3DPRN, 3dpens… AND MANY MORE!

Technical data and print parameters

Color: Red (RAL-3000)
Net Weight Filament: 900g – 330m.
Material: Polystirene 100 % natural
Transparence: Matte
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Tolerance of roundness: 1
Basic material quality: 100 % Certified Original Resins
Density: 1.04 g/cm3 (21.5 ° C).
Spool diameter (up to 1 kg): 200 x 50 mm.
Internal coil diameter: 90 mm.
Packaging: vacuum with dryer and cardboard box.
Nozzle extrusion temperature: 230 degrees – 240 degrees C.
Temperature of bed: 90 degrees – 100 degrees C.
No or minimal ventilation on the layers when printing.
Printing bed material: heated Glass with lacq or similar spray fixers
Recommended print temperature of 238 degrees Celsius to 50 mm/sec; flat 90 degrees C
Once the print is treminated, do not remove the object from the printing bed until it is cold.
Suitable for extruders with or without bowden.
Printing speed (recommended): 40 – 80 mm/s.
Ease of printing: ★★★
* Printing temperatures may vary depending on the printer used.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 60 mm

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