Industrial 3D Printer MD1000 – 1*1*1 m³ – Net Printing Volume

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Print size (X * Y * Z) 1000 * 1000 * 1000 mm
Machine footprint 1620*1350*1470 mm
Shipment Packing Size 1680*1400*1620  mm
Net weight 400 Kg
Printing technology FDM
Layer thickness 0.05-0.5 mm
Connectivity Wireless -USB Computer or SD Card on double extruder version
Monitor Control 8.7-inch IPS touchscreen according to size machine model.
Standard Extruder and nozzle Direct extruder with nozzle hole of 0.4 mm (double extruder , wireless and camera options upon request)
Temperature Max. Press Plate 110 ° C (1000 W) aluminium plate 10 mm thick
Temperature Max. Extruder/Nozzle 350°C
Print speed Max300mm/s, peak acceleration 10000mm/s², max flow 40mm³/s, Klipper firmware
Printing accuracy X/Y:0.01 mm, Z:0.002 mm
Filament printing of any manufacturer Tested with PLAT/PLAP/ABSP/NYT/NAC/TPU/FLEXY/ PETCF/ PETGF/ NCF/NGF/ABSCF/ABSGF
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Language Control Panel All European languages settings
File formats by Cura, Simplify3D, SLIC3R, Repetier etc. host G-codes
AC Input 95-265V,50/60HZ
Motherboard Migda motherboard, 64-bit , powered by 6-core CPU With 32GB  memory
Certifications CE


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Migda Professional 3d printer


1. Fast printing (Max300mm/s, peak acceleration 10000mm/s², max flow 40mm³/s, Klipper firmware) High-quality and durable components to ensure continuous 24/7 operation/ Fully enclosed all metal frame structure and Patented powerful extruder. long printing hours guaranteed within a stable printing platform and superstructure.
2. High-precision printing ( very strong and stable body structure, and X, Y axis guide rails structure and closed-loop stepper motors and new cooling system: extruder and air Fans new vent design and Vibration compensation functions and FDM flow control functions)
3. Super large building size (double-headed extruder version do not reduce the overall printing size as specified by model)
4. Single or Double filament extruder options / Built-in filament sensor with possibility of resume printing after replacing filament reels
5. 350° high-temperature hot end (supports printing of multiple 3dfilums, common filums like PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, engineering 3Dfilums: PET-carbon fiber, PET-glass fiber, Nylon-carbon fiber, Nylon-glass fiber, ABS-carbon fiber, ABS-glass fiber and other carbon fiber and glass fiber mix 3Dfilums  to optional extruder up to 500°C
6. Wifi & Camera remote functions incorporated only with single extruder option.
7. Automatic bed leveling & rapid heating of PEI flexy heating bed surface / Auto shut down after printing cycle ends.
8. 5-7-inch IPS touchscreen according to size machine model.
9. Power-on self-test function.1)INCOTERMS: Ex Works
2) Payment terms: 100% T / T before delivery – Prices without VAT
3) Delivery terms can be on Pre Order terms on hereby offered price. exception on b2b offers made on our social channels. If interested please write to us: or via Wapp
4) Warranty: 12 months warranty.
5) Technical support: Migda engineers provide free technical support and free machinery training upon request.

Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 1620 × 1350 × 1470 mm

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