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3D Prototyping Service

3Dfilum offers advanced additive manufacturing and rapid industrialĀ 3D prototypingĀ servicesĀ for various industrial sectors such as:Ā mechanical applications, automotive, medical, architecture, fashion, consumer goods and more. Contact us at:Ā

We have more than 20 years experience in 3D CAD/CAM modeling Design and 3D Rapid Prototyping; We also used to work in reverse engineering on out-production components or to replicate and cad refine 3D models for CAM processing. As FDM filament procuder we provide production-quality materials such as PLAQuantum, Plapower, ABSPower, PC, PA99 and many more also on Customer specifications; Our services comprehend design&build FDM 3DPrinted moulds as well the casting of durable rubbers alike or rigid color pigmentated resins components and work of arts. We either process your own cad project design or we can design it upon your requests and specifications: Quote Request

We have a workforce of different sizes printable areas professional FDM 3Dprinters up to 1m3 and others 3DResin SLA/DLP/LCDĀ  with tolerances from 0,025 mm. to 0,2 mm. We also have a workforce of milling CNC and laser cutter/engraving machinery at our disposal to process or post-process several types of models from plastics, wood, metals, stone and other materials.

3Dfilum helps you to get exactly what you need ā€“ fast.

Get your object cost quotation now: send an enquiry email with your needs or requests to