3D Printer Model 3DFMD5H- 0.3×0,2×0.5 m3 Print Volume

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Print size (X * Y * Z) 300*200*500 mm
Machine footprint 598*445*975 mm
Shipment Packing Size 675*512*1128 mm
Net weight/gross weight 51 KG / 78 KG
Printing technology FDM
Layer thickness in storage 0.05-0.3 mm
Connectivity USB Computer or SD Card
Monitor Control 127 mm LCD Touch screen
Standard Extruder and nozzle Direct extruder without Bowden with nozzle hole of 0.4 mm
Temperature Max. Press Plate 110 ° C (700w) aluminium plate 10 mm thick
Temperature Max. Extruder/Nozzle 275°C
Print speed 0-200 mm/s
Printing accuracy X/Y:0.01 mm, Z:0.002 mm
Filament printing of any manufacturer Tested with 3dfilum plat/plap/ABSP/NYT/NAC/TPU
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Language Control Panel English
File formats Cura, Simplify3D, SLIC3R, Repetier host in G-codes
AC Input 95-265V,50/60HZ
Motherboard 32bits Frequency 72M Cortex-M3 STM32 Chip
Certifications CE , FCC , ROHS


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Professional 3d printer


1. External structure in folded sheet metal and completely closed printing chamber with upper access panels and on the machine front to allow excellent access and excellent printing results with high temperature materials (test 3dfilum-absp/nyt)
2.127 mm LCD Touch screen monitor with English commands
3. Movements on linear guides in X and Y axises
4. trapezoidal Bar Z-axis movements and directional bars suitable for the support of the plate of 10 mm thickness
5.700 Watt heated plate for maximum temperature heating in less than 3 minutes.
6. Static group of continuity and associated memory of processes during machining up to 24 h. In the event of an electrical power failure
7. High quality electrical and mechanical components for long-lasting machine
8. Filament sensors and audible warning in case of filament exhaustion with automatic pause
9. Pause/Restart printing mode combined with installed memory-for both black out and filament exhaustion
10. Fixed memory internal machine-with the addition of a battery (12v/1-5a) maintains the printing processes for 24 h. In Case of Blackout
11. Complete user’s Manual in English
Warranty: 3 months for the wear parts of the extruder (ceramic tube, nozzle, Teflon/Bowden tube, temperature sensors) 1 year for the rest of the machine components
Terms and conditions of order:
1. Terms of delivery: the costs of importing and forwarding at home are not included here; The relative costs are to be quantified according to the desired delivery time (5/7-30 days); Write to info@3dfilum.com to request a detailed and definitive estimate on the machine cost delivered at home.
2. Technical support and supply of spare parts on request. 3.3 3dfilum filament coils (plat/PETG/absp) are matched to the machine

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Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 675 × 512 × 1128 mm