3D Filament – 1.75mm TPU Flexy 3Dfilum – Yellow Neon – 500g. net

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3D Filament TPU Flexy 3Dfilum – Yellow Neon – 500g. net

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3D Filament TPU Flexy 3Dfilum – Yellow Neon.


TPU Flexy shore A85 filament; The TPU is a material that has the extraordinary feature of shape memory, so you can bend, compress, extend or twist the printed object and quickly return to its original shape; We have chosen to produce a mixture of virgin materials to obtain printed objects whose return of form is immediate and with excellent mechanical characteristics in both elasticity and compression; the speed of form memory depends in addition to the chemical composition also on the hardness or shore characteristic of this material; Our Flex is very resistant to contact with oils and mineral fats, abrasion and tear and unnerving ; maintains high flexibility even at low temperatures and is odorless when printing; it does not withstand temperatures above 210 degrees Celsius and with high humidity (steam); It is not resistant to chlorine and organic solvents such as methanol, formic acid and typically all alcohol and carboxylic acids. However, it is used in many industrial fields to make many ‘rubber’ artifacts in the automotive, drone, home automation, hydraulics, chemical, prosthetics, technical clothing, footwear and more. Our TPU filament is soft to the touch and has great longevity compared to non-polyurethan materials; It can be used in products intended for contact with the human and animal body because it is not atatable by microorganisms present in the environment and is certified for food contact (not for all colors). Il nostro TPU ha un’ ottima fusione ed aderenza negli strati depositati durante la stampa, risulta assente di deformazioni di ritiro se stampato con parametri di temperature , velocità e flusso corrette.

Compatible with 3D direct filament pulling extruders with or without bowden: Sliding 3D, Zortrax,
Migda, Flashforge, Makerbot, Sharebot, Createbot, Strato and many more!

Printing characteristics

This TPU Flex filament has an excellent adherence to printer bed tray treated with lacq or other similar glues and can be printed with open-chamber machines as a common PLA, PETG and similars; During printing, the filament has good viscosity, it spreads evenly and does not form burrs if speed and nozzle temperature ratio are correct. Easy to print Our TPU has excellent bonding layers characteristics, it is absent of srinkage deformations when printed with correct temperature, speed and flow parameters. the made object is not easy to surface finish because being a ‘gummy’ material you can not smooth it with abrasive instruments but only with organic solvent fumes, so generally are possible those finishes with cutting tools such as scissors or scalpel and to mainly remove supporting material; Our TPU filament is compatible with structural supports made with our hips or pva.

Technical data and printing parameters

Color: Yellow (RAL 1021)
Filament net weight: 500g.
Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Transparence: matt
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Tolerance of roundness: ± 1%
Material Quality: 100% Original Resins
Density: 1,13 g/cm3 (21,5° C).
Spool diameter (up to 1 kg): 200 x 50 mm.
Internal spool diameter: 90 mm.
Packaging: vacuum bagged with silika gel and carton box.
Nozzle Temperature: 225° – 235°C.
Bed tray temperature: 50° – 60°C.
printing bed materials: glass, metal
Tested Printing parameters: Nozzle 225°C – Printing Speed: 20/30 mm/sec Printing Bed Tray 55°C
No fan or ventilation during printing phases
Direct filament pulling extruder with or without bowden
Suggested Printing speed : 20-40 mm/s. *
Printing easyness: ★★★★☆
Print temperatures may vary depending on the printer you are using and the type of filament color
Comprehensive technical specific links of the material: https://www.3dfilum.it/3dfilum-filaments-technical-specifications/

Additional information

Weight 09 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 55 mm