1.75 mm 3D filament in PETG – Gray – 1kg

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PETG 3dfilum filament spool for 3d printing.

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3D filament in PETG – 3Dfilum – Gray.

Polyethylntereftalate is part of the polyester family, it is a thermoplastic resin suitable for food contact of which the petg filament is certified (not for all colors). PETG is an excellent material for 3D printing because it offers mechanical characteristics comparable to the ABS with better elasticity, superior resistance to tangential impacts, good compression and traction characteristics as well as excellent resistance to oils and chemicals and various solvents. Petg is a material that does not absorb moisture and water and is easily recyclable. During printing it has an excellent adherence to the plate treated with lacq aprit or other glues and you can print easily with print room as open as the PLA. During printing, the filament is good liquidity, spreads evenly and does not form burrs. It is important to maintain exact extrusion temperatures to promote the transparency effect of this material. It can be finished with very fine-grained sanding tools. You can thread it while maintaining a good degree you fill the object to be made and glue with canoacrilate glue.

Compatible with 3D Printers: Zortrax, Flashforge, Makerbot, Sharebot, Createbot, Wasp, Prusa, Hephestone, Mingda, Ewe Industries, 3DPRN AND VERY OTHER!

Technical data and print parameters

Color: Grigio (RAL -7001)
Net Weight Filament: 1 kg -330m
Material: PETG-polyethylene terephthalate or Copolyester
Transparency: crystal clear transparent
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Tolerance of roundness: 1
Material Quality: 100% original resin.
Density: 1.27 g/cm3 (21.5 degrees C).
Resistance: 6 KJ/m2.
Spool diameter (up to 1 kg): 200 x 50 mm.
Dim. Inner spool tube: 90 mm.
Packaging: Vacuum-packed with silica gel and cardboard box.
Printing surface temperature: 40-60 ° C
Extrusion Temperature: 224-250 degrees Celsius
No or minimal ventilation
Printing surface material: glass, metal, fiberglass, Kapton tape
Nozzle extrusion temperature: 225 degrees – 250 degrees C.
Temperature of the pot: 0 – 60 degrees C.
No or minimal ventilation on the layers when printing.
Printing surface material: glass, metal, fiberglass, Kapton tape etc.
Recommended print temperature: nozzle 224 degrees C at 50 mm/sec; 50-C Plate
Extruder with or without bowden.
Printing speed (recommended): 40 – 80 mm/s.
Easy PRINTING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Print temperatures may vary depending on the printer you are using and the type of filament color
Comprehensive technical specific links of the material: https://www.3dfilum.it/3dfilum-filaments-technical-specifications/

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 60 mm

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