3D filament – 1.75mm PLAtech – Black – 2Kg Net

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1.75mm PLAtech – Black – 2Kg Net

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PLAtech 3Dfilum Black.

Material studied in the laboratory and produced to have exceptional aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. Easy to print, the material has an excellent blending and therefore hold overlapping layers in print, pick-up and deformation normally absent. During printing, the filament stretches evenly and does not form burrs; It has a consistent, opaque and covering coloring. The transparent colors are very bright on 0.4 mm thicknesses and infill texture is only noticeable against bright light. Good adhesion to the printing dish (recommended heated). In case of cold plate use appropriate adhesion average (blue tape, body belt, hairspray on glass and metal, capton, etc.). The surface of the filament is smooth and flowing, also suitable for Bowden dragging systems. The structure of the artifact made is durable and does not break easily when subjected to bending. Pla has no resistance to heat or thinness, so we recommend the use of our PLAQuantum. PLAtech is renewable and biodegradable (PLA – 99 polylactic resin).

Compatible with the following Printers: Flashforge, Makerbot, Sharebot, Mini & Maxi Createbot, Wasp, Prusa i3, Hephestone, Mingda, Ewe Industries, 3DPRN, 3dpens… AND MANY MORE!

Color: Gray (RAL 9005)
Net: 2 kg – 660 m.
Material: PLA – Natural 99% Natural Polylactic Acid
Transparence: Matte
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Roundness tolerance: ± 5%
Basic material quality: 90
Original ResinDensity: 1.24 g/cm3 (21.5 degrees C).
Resistance: 4 kJ/m2.
Diameter and thickness coil (up to 1 kg): 200 x 50 mm.
Dim. Inner spool tube: 90 mm.
Packaging: Vacuum-packed with silica gel and cardboard box.
Extrusion temperature: 190 degrees – 200 degrees C.
Temperature of the pot: 0 – 50 degrees C.
Plenty of ventilation on the layers when printing.
Printing surface material: glass, metal, fiberglass, Kapton tape etc.
Recommended print temperature: nozzle 195 degrees C at 50 mm/sec; 50-C Plate
Printing speed (recommended): 40 – 80 mm/s.
Extruder with or without bowden.
Easy PRINTING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Print temperatures may vary depending on the printer you are using and the type of filament color
Comprehensive technical specific links of the material: https://www.3dfilum.it/3dfilum-filaments-technical-specifications/

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Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 120 mm