1.75 mm Abspower-White

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Abspower 3dfilum filament spool for 3d printing.

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Abspower 3dfilum White.

Hybrid material, 90% original resin 10% thermoplastic resin. Studied in the laboratory and produced to have exceptional characteristics both aesthetic and mechanical; It has excellent resistance to heat and acids; It achieves mechanical and resistance characteristics close to nylon. Characteristics: excellent tightness and melting between the layers, low shrinkage and absence of deformation on the artifacts when printed at ideal temperature conditions. During printing the filament relaxes evenly even if the printing chamber is not particularly hot or completely closed; Ideal for the production of parts that must have high mechanical strength, heat and acids. The surface of the filament is smooth and flowing, also suitable for Bowden dragging systems. During the printing it gives off the characteristic smell of the best ABS, it is recommended the printing in ventilated environment or the use of smoke extraction machines.

It can be used with 3d professional printers or reprap with nozzles without steel TFE or alloys for high temperatures both for the nozzle and the plate; Excellent filament for Zortrax printers or similar.

Colour: White (RAL 9010)
Net Weight: 0.9 Kg
Material: ABS-acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene
Transparence: Matte
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Roundness tolerance: ± 5%
Material Quality: 100% original resin.
Density: 1.04 g/cm3 (21.5 ° C).
Resistance: 6 KJ/m2.
Spool diameter (up to 1 kg): 200 x 50 mm.
Dim. Inner spool tube: 90 mm.
Packaging: Vacuum-packed with silica gel and cardboard box.
Extrusion temperature: 240 °-275 ° C. *
Plate temperature: 80 °-110 ° C. *
No ventilation on the layers during printing.
Printing surface material: glass, metal, fiberglass, Kapton tape etc.
Recommended printing temperature of 270 ° C.
Metal extruder without PTFE.
Printing speed (recommended): 40 – 100 mm/s. *
Easy to PRINT: ★ ★ ☆ ☆
* Printing temperatures may vary depending on the printer used.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 60 mm

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