Filaments for 3d pen-pack of 8 colors from 50g each

19.90 Incl. Tax

50 g coloured filament refills each, pack of 8 pieces.


N.8 3d Pen Refills

Packaging of 50g filament refills. In 8 colors of Platech diameter 1, 75mm.


With 3dfilum’s 3d pen refills package, 3d creations are colorful and always personalized! How is our 3d pen? Ultra Compact, light and beautiful to see, does not need to print files but only your imagination and artistic creativity. What do you expect to order it?

It works like a pen, but it is a small and manageable 3d printer. Any design and shape can be created effortlessly, it becomes the fun tool for many moments in company and in relax.

Technical data

Platech, available 20 standard colors

Material studied in the laboratory and produced to have exceptional aesthetic and mechanical characteristics at various extrusion temperatures; Easy to extrude even with a 3d pen, the material has an excellent fusion and therefore held overlapping layers in print; Consistent, opaque and covering staining. Good adhesion to various printing planes and with smooth surface. The PLA is renewable and biodegradable (PLA – 99% natural polylactic acid of vegetable derivation). It does not emit toxic fumes.

Surface temperature of the object: 0-60 ° C
Extrusion temperature: 190-200 ° C
Material of the support surface for the object to be created: paper, cardboard, wood, laminates, glass, metal, others



Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 mm